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The Railway Men Review: Losing the World Cup was painful, so I chose to watch Netflix’s latest series, The Railway Men, to distract myself. And believe me, I absolutely forgot about the World Cup and the credit goes to The Railway Men creators and especially actors including Kay Kay Menon, R Madhavan, Babil Khan, Divyendu Bhattacharya, Sunny Hinduja, and Divyenndu which consists of 4 episodes.

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The Railway Men- The Plot


The Railway Men
Image Source: Netflix


The story is set in the year 1984 which was a terrible year for the country. This year, the country’s first female Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated, sparking riots in the country, and several thousand Sikhs were brutally slaughtered. The same year, people lost their lives due to a gas leak in a Bhopal factory.

Bhopal Junction was hit due to a gas leak and people were seen dying one by one. Station Master – Iftekhar Siddiqui (Kay Kay Menon) took the responsibility of saving the lives, which he had to face many drawbacks – due to the lousiness of the officials, communication was not happening, people were becoming hyper and Gorakhpur to Mumbai Express was about to arrive in Bhopal any time with thousands of people on board.

GM Central Railways Rati Pandey (R Madhavan) arrives at Itarsi Junction for a surprise inspection. After learning about the situation in Bhopal, he takes command and attempts, but fails, to halt the trains.

The Railway Men
Image Source: Netflix

The huge challenge of saving the lives of Bhopal Junction and the passengers of this train is now in the hands of the railway personnel. In this, Iftekhar is assisted by recently appointed loco pilot Imad Riaz (Babil Khan) and thief Balwant Singh Yadav (Divyendu) disguised as a police constable, who had come to steal the cash deposited at Bhopal station.

What happens next? How will the remaining individuals be rescued, as well as the lives of those traveling from Gorakhpur? Watch The Railway Man to find out.

The Railway Men- Performance

The Railway Men
Image Source: Netflix

Kay Kay Menon- Nothing can beat his performance on the screen. The best he could do in his acting career was seen in The Railway Men.

On the other hand, R Madhvan appears as a hero. His screen time is less than Kay Kay but his performance was up to the mark.

Babil Khan is totally different from today’s star kids. Apart from his voice, which has yet to develop, we witness a fragrance of Irrfan in his son’s character.

Meanwhile, Divyenndu’s punch timing was amazing but he was still wearing Munna Bhaiya’s character. According to me, it will some take time for him to take it off.

Director and Writing

The Railway Men
Image Source: Netflix

Directed by Shiv Rawail and Written by Aayush Gupta, The Railway Men is a well-executed web series. My theory says a film was originally planned, but it was subsequently produced as a web series due to the series’ numerous fillers, the connection between seans was lacking. However, the riot incident was appropriately added to the series.

The filmmaker made every attempt to expose the failures that occurred in the country during this critical situation, whether it was communication-related problems, sarcasm on train delays or not taking tragedy seriously by the so-called responsible administration. Even after independence, there was Mental slavery which was so obvious in the webseries. People got the courage to fight because of one honest person among the corrupt officers in every department, and the execution of everything seemed amazing.

At the end! Kudos to the Yash Raj Producer as well. Without them, it was not easy to put so much effort into research which was clearly visible in the web series. The Railway Men is a must-watch web series.

And Yes, The Wound is still fresh! Unable to forget what happened last night. It is still running in my head. But Let bygones be bygones. Now, India needs to begin their preparation for the next tournament and show the world that we deserve to win not only matches but also a tournament. Learn from the mistake and move ahead. In The Railway Men- a child was singing Kishor Kumar’s song which today fits on the Indian Cricket Team- “Ik Raasta hai Zindagi, Jo Tham gaye to Kuch nahi…”


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