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About Saharama -About Saharama – Saharnama is a confluence of cinema, literature and travelogue. The title Saharnama is taken from the Takhallus of Siddharth Arora Sahar.

About Siddharth Arora Sahar -Saharnama was the name of Siddhartha’s residence in the beginning. No one named Siddharth Saharnama; Siddharth used to refer to his residence as Saharnama. Siddharth’s residence was normally located by entering Saharnama into Google Location.

Siddharth began writing under the name ‘Kuch Kisse Ankahe’ in 2011 at the time. Siddharth blogged for 5 years on Google’s Blogger platform. Following this, several of Siddharth’s stories began to gain popularity on social media. Aadhi Bread is a short film directed by Saurav Kumar based on a narrative written by Siddharth.

Siddharth also contributes to serials and is working on a web series (update 2022).

Siddharth has written a short tale and a 40-part series for the StoryTel audio story platform. Siddharth enjoys music in addition to movies, literature, and travel. Siddharth sometimes plays the flute and occasionally takes his fingers on the guitar.

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Pragati is the operator of Pragati Raj has previously worked in Mayapuri magazine. Pragati’s hobby and profession are both writing about films and literature. Pragati enjoys reading and promoting literature as well. Her is in charge of managing Saharnama’s Instagram account.
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