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18+ Movies: We all may have heard that movies are known as the reflection of society. People love to watch movies from different genres, but there is one genre that everyone loves to watch.

The erotic genre is that genre. However, in Hollywood, most erotic movies are not only packed with much intimacy but in the end, we discover a dark hidden message. That’s why it is important that teenagers should avoid watching these movies.

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18+ Movies


18+ movies
Image Source: Malena

The movie revolves around a woman named Malena, everyone in her city, from youngsters to the elderly, keeps an eye on her. She is a young married woman whose husband is in the army. Soon, she was informed of the bad news that his husband was dead. Now, everyone in the city is trying to get close to her.

This is one such movie that shouldn’t let those people to watch who are not more than 18 because it may affect bad at their brain and heart.

Basic Instinct

A must-watch film which is about a detective. Nick is investigating a murder whose prime suspect is a celebrity girlfriend but Nick falls for her since she is extremely sensual.

The Reader

18+ movies
Image Source: The Reader

Henna, an older illiterate woman is having sex with Michael, a teenager who falls in love with her. He began reading stories to her but one day she vanished without any evidence. They eventually meet under different circumstances where the truth unfolds about Henna’s dark past. 

The Skin I live in

A sharp psychopath plastic surgeon uses synthetic skin to build a woman’s body. Soon after, he discovers that the lady he created is a mysterious woman who holds the key to his past.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

18+ movies
Image Source: Fifty Shades Triology

You must have heard about Fifty Shades. This movie is based on a book which is in three parts. Similarly, this movie is created in three parts. The story is about A rich brat Christian Grey and a simple woman Anastasia. Both fall in love but later, Anastasia discovers Christian’s darkest fantasy. It is a 18+ movie.

Here are the names of those 5 movies that every children should avoid watching before the age of 18 and it is the parent’s responsibility to take care of this.

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