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In this dark & terrifying night, Jessie was scared but in control. Chris asked her to become bait so he could hit the THREE FINGER ugly-faced hunter. She didn’t even know Chris a day before. But now she is convinced for the sake of getting out of this bloody and mysterious Forest.

They were on a tree at that time. Her body had too many bruises and Chris had a major wound in his right leg. He was shot by one of the hunters Cannibal SAW TOOTH but they were at least alive. Most of her friends weren’t.

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Jessie and her friend’s life is at risk


Cut to some hours ago, Jessie had a bright sunny morning as usual. She broke up with her boyfriend so her group of five friends took her on a trip to West Virginia. They thought that would be fun and planned to hike around, camp at night, and would booze a little but things got south when their car crashed in the middle of the road. At first, they (friends) blame Scott for his rash driving but soon they find that this wasn’t an ACCIDENT. They hit on a barbed wire.

Definitely, somebody put them there to trap them. Jessie was smart enough to understand that but unfortunately, the others weren’t.

In the middle of the road, their cell phones were not working. Scott and his girlfriend Carly – who convinced Jessie for this trip decided to seek for someone so they could ask help. Meanwhile, Francine and Evan didn’t look like they cared much. Both were already high, excited to do something dirty in the middle of the Jungle.

Suddenly, a super-fast Ride burst into their car in no time. They all were shocked. This was Chris, who was distracted by something. Now two cars are down on the road and none had any signals.

After a brief discussion, Chris joined Jessie, Scott, and Carly to go further and seek some help However Francine and Evan stayed back so they could smoke pot and give some blow job to each other.


On the other end, Jessie and Chris find a cabin in the woods. Scott and Carly also follow them to see if anyone in the cabin could help them.

But, when they entered that cabin, they found the weirdest things of their lives. The Cabin table was full of barbed wires, old mobile phones, and car keys. Various human organs were kept in the refrigerator. There was a chain-saw, a machete, a bow and arrow, and various deadly weapons on the walls.

Jessie got the situation instantly but Carly wanted to pee in the washroom. All four were about to leave the cabin in a hurry but the owner came. All four were scared of this hell but unable to find any other way to escape, so they hid.

Chris hides under the table along with Jessie and Scott hides in a small room with Carly.

That was the first time when they saw them. The Three Ugly Monster-looking Cannibals. One had only one eye, the other had only three fingers in his hand and the third one had a broken jaw. Their faces were melted like they had an acid bath. THREE FINGER was slim but the other two were looking strong.

It was very hard for Scott to hold Carly’s mouth because she couldn’t stop herself from crying out loud. She saw that the Three fingers and tooth towing the corpse of Francine with them. While ONE EYE had Evan on his shoulders.

Jessie saw them coming with her dead friends but could not verify what was going on in there, while Carly and Scott witnessed every horrifying movement in that cabin.

They put them on the other table. The three fingers removed her clothes and Saw tooth-tied Evan respectively. Simultaneously, One Eye charged a Chain-saw and cut both of them into small pieces.

Only Scott knows how he holds Carly from throwing out. She could’ve peed in her pants if she didn’t have the washroom before.

They were trapped in the cabin of three Cannibals, those man-eaters trap innocent travellers and kill them so they can fill their appetite. They were chatting in an unknown language.

Jessie was thinking of any way out but she couldn’t risk leaving anyone behind to be killed. So, she waited. Fortunately, Chris had also some bravery in his blood like Jessie. But Scott and Carly didn’t dare to do anything.

All four waited for them to sleep. After a couple of hours, when CANNIBALS were asleep, Jessie & Chris gestured other two to come out quietly, it was time to leave.

Unfortunately, when they were leaving, THE ONE EYE Cannibal awaked and ran after them instantly. The other two followed him. Chris was leading the way to the Jungle and here they are.

Scott was killed by ONE EYE. He stabbed three arrows into Scott’s heart, Brain, and back. Meanwhile, Carly was on a tree branch, when she was beheaded by the THREE FINGER.

Chris and Jessie are alive now. And Chris was going to be bait for three Finger, so Jessie could hit him with a solid tree branch. But the BRAVE Jessie realized that Chris had been hit by an arrow in his right leg before, and he couldn’t run on time so she offered herself to become bait.

In the moonlight, she saw THE THREE FINGER coming towards her. He had an axe, she saw Carly’s blood on his axe. She looked at Chris, he was ready, JESSIE dared him to come close and Chris didn’t miss the chance.

THE THREE FINGER’s scream echoed throughout the forest. The other two had fire torches, they got busy searching for their man-eater friend, meanwhile, Jessie helped Chris to escape.

After a while, Jessie finds a cave behind the waterfall. That cave looked safe for a night. Chris was heavily injured but he somehow managed to climb up there.


Jessie saw the hunters from a distance but she was relieved that they had a wall of water. The Hunters couldn’t see them probably. This place might work for a night.

Both Jessie and Chris were tired, disappointed, and scared but they still had hope for their survival. Jessie didn’t realize when she shut her eyes and fell asleep because when she opened her eyes, it was a bright sunny morning.

Chris was there, awake. She guessed that he didn’t sleep much. He was insecure about this cave. Chris suggested she climb up the hill so they could find any road or help. She followed her and that was her last mistake.

Suddenly a flying arrow zaps into the nearest tree. OH GOD! The cannibals found them. Jessie and Chris started running blindly. Somehow, they reached a road, but the very next moment, Jessie got abducted by Saw Tooth and One Eye tried to kill Chris.

Even at the time of violence and probable death, Jessie didn’t lose her courage, she fought hard to save Chris but saw tooth was very strong, so he tied her brilliantly. For the sake of humanity, a local sheriff came, Chris grabbed this chance with both of his hands and reached to him but at the same time, ONE EYE put an arrow on Sherif’s head and killed him.

Chris got shocked and hid behind the bush to save his life. On the other hand, Saw tooth took Jessie to his cabin. That monster wanted to rape her before killing. She tried everything to get free but failed. One eye also came to join the party.

Both were about to rape her. Suddenly, Chris hit a car to their cabin and without wasting a moment, put fire on all over. But he didn’t know that the Monster whom he hit last night, who fell from a very high branch of a tree; was still alive. THE THREE FINGER man-eater ambushes Chris from behind.

At the right time, Chris frees Jessie’s hand. Jessie took an arrow and poked it into the ONE-EYE monster’s eye. On the other hand, Chris shot the Three Finger guy, but Saw was behind Chris and about to decapitate him, thankfully Jessie warned him and shot the monster without thinking twice.

Finally, both Jessie and Chris drove away to the city. They were the only survivors. They were the only ones who fought and won the CANNIBALS.

This is the story of Famous Hollywood slasher Wrong Turn Part One. Although it shows as fiction, as the elders said, In History, only characters’ names are original and the rest are fiction, in fiction, only characters’ names are fiction but the rest is and always be…

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