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Space Sci-fi Movies: Every person likes to watch movies of different genres. However, we get tired of watching the same kind of movies and wonder what new to watch today. For people like me who don’t spend even a day without watching a film, the same type of cinema might get tedious.

In such a situation, today I have brought for you a list of films which are based on Astronomy that everyone should watch once.

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5 Space Sci-fic Movies

 The Martian

The plot revolves around an astronaut who is trapped on Mars and is presumed dead by his colleagues. Now it’s all about surviving on Mars. For the first time, this astronaut is cultivating.

Everything he is doing, everywhere he is traveling- HE BECOMES THE FIRST PERSON ON MARS.

He cannot, however, survive there for long without food. Now what, how will he contact people on earth and how will he return? Watch the movie to know, the story is intriguing.


Space Sci-fi
(c) Gravity

In simple and straightforward language, the story is about a female astronaut who gets lost in space. It will be extremely intriguing to watch how she gets discovered by other astronauts and returns to Earth.


Space Sci-fi
(c) Interstellar

It cannot be merely a space fiction if it is directed by Christopher Nolan. The Earth appears in the film to be no longer habitable, after which NASA sends some astronauts to another world via a black hole to look for an Earth-like planet.

No Doubt, the story is absolutely fun and if you haven’t seen the film, watch it now.


Space Sci-fi
(c) Passangers

Because of overpopulation on Earth, a few thousand people are transported to another planet by spacecraft. People are put into a state of hypersleeping during traveling. A passenger awakens due to a glitch in the machine and is unsure how to return to hyper-slumber. When he discovers that he still has 90 years to get to the other planet, he wakes up another passenger.


The plot revolves around a group of astronauts who set out to find life on Mars. They encounter an extraterrestrial there and decide to bring him back to Earth. The alien begins to mutate in space while returning, putting the Astronaut’s life in peril.


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