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La La Land made a record by getting 14 Oscar nominations in 2017. Best Actress Award winner Emma Stone and nominated Ryan Gosling had left no stone untouched in depicting a musical- love story.

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La La Land- The Story

La La Land
(c) La La Land

The Musical Tale of La La Land has been divided into many seasons. Winter was the first, and it began with a traffic jam in LA, where suddenly everyone started dancing and singing on the road. After roughly 5 minutes the title comes with a conflict where both the protagonists confront each other in a very unpleasant way.

After this, we follow the perception of Mia who worked in a cafe and an aspiring actress. One day, Mia was returning from a party and suddenly stopped outside a restaurant where jazz music was playing and went inside to see the same man playing piano.

From here, we witness the story from Sebastian Wilder’s perception. He was a musician who aspired to open his own club where he could stop jazz from dying for which he played piano in the restaurant.

Mia was watching him from a distance. She tried to compliment him, but he tossed her. They reconnected at a pool party in another season and walked to the car and did a dance in which their chemistry was clearly visible.

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They both fell in love, started living together and worked to fulfil their dream. However, after a while, both failed to manage their relationship and decided to break up.

After a five-year gap, winter returned. Mia is now a well-known actress. She married and raised a son. One night Mia and her husband arrived at a jazz bar. Mia recognized it’s Seb’s Bar. He had fulfilled his dreams.

As soon as Sebastian sees Mia, he starts playing the same tune which she liked at first and the two of them imagined how different their lives would have been if they had both chosen each other.

La La Land- Performance

La La Land
(c) La La Land

Undoubtedly, the acting was excellent, both justified their roles, the dance choreography was also magnificent.

I admire that scene when both started dancing on an empty street, canvas of twilight was everywhere and it was truly mesmerizing.

Damien Chazelle directed and won the Best Director Award and I have no objection to it. La La Land kept me engaged from start to end without any doubt. But I am not satisfied with the conclusion.

What if La La Land had a different ending?

La La Land
(c) La La Land

At the end, they were imagining What if they stayed together. Then, why didn’t the two consider this when Mia received an offer to work in a film. Couldn’t they ask for some time at that moment? Couldn’t Mia wait to be with him for a while?

In one of Ryan Gosling’s films, he played a role of a man who was forever in love with a girl after falling for her on a summer vacation with no possibility of ever meeting. So, how did distance become such a big deal here?

And on what basis was the film liked so much? Why were both not as happy in the end as they should have been, because of the careers for which they both left each other?

What if, Mia made her career and helped Sebs to establish his restaurant. Well, a love story which concludes on sacrificing love for money or dreams could be anything but not a love story, at least not for me.

La La Land Trailer 

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