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Rishikesh: Generally, every person likes to travel and if we talk about these days, traveling has become quite common. The numbers of foreign tourists – mostly from the USA – are very high in a country like India.

There are numerous destinations where people visit with their family and friends. One of the such beautiful & sacred place is Rishikesh. You know what I love about Rishikesh- The mixture of spirituality with adventure.  One can experience both worlds simultaneously here. Isn’t it great?

That’s the big reason, most foreigners love to stay in Rishikesh. One can able to find peace while serving people in the city of Ganga and another can do wild adventures while living in Shivpuri Camp.

Rishikesh is such a place that everyone should explore at least once. I visited there a while back, and believe me, the whole cost of my two nights and three days there, including meals and beverages, did not surpass $100. Yes, this is true.

If you want to visit Rishikesh on a budget, let me show you how your entire trip may be done for less than $100 in travel expenses.

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Instead of a hotel, consider staying in a hostel


Rishikesh hotel prices are often extremely costly (especially when they see a white face). In this case, instead of staying at a hotel, consider staying in a hostel. A hostel can also be found for roughly $3 to 4$ per night. In such a case, you may easily reserve a bed for yourself without spending extra money.

One downside of hostels is that you will have to share a room with others. Typically, four individuals share a room. If you don’t mind sharing your space with others, a hostel is the ideal alternative for you.

Eat at an affordable food corner.

Rishikesh has a plethora of food outlets where you can have a delicious breakfast for less than $1(price may vary but not more than $2). Geeta Bhawan is the first place that springs to mind. There are several restaurants and ashrams, such as Geeta Bhawan, that serve wonderful meals at reasonable prices.

Let me tell you that there are several ashrams in Rishikesh where you may eat for free and then gain virtue by doing seva.

Riding on two legs is better than four wheels


Taxis and sharing autos are quite expensive in Rishikesh. If you believe me, it is better to go for a stroll rather than fall into all these entanglements. This has two advantages- first, you will save a lot of money and second, you will lose weight. just kidding. In Rishikesh, you can walk from Laxman Jhula to Janki Jhula. Since the road is a bit busy, you won’t even realize how far you have walked.

Save $3 with good bargaining

If you do not know about bargaining then learn it, it will be very useful if you want to travel to India for a long time. Here comes, the best part of the trip- Rafting. If you went to Rishikesh and did not do rafting then what kind of fun did you have? In Rishikesh, you will see a shop at each crossroad that offers rafting.

These shopkeepers start rafting rates near $15- per person, but you may barter them down to $12 if you like. This has been my experience. Right Now, the price may vary but $15 is not an expensive deal.

You can get photography and Go-Pro videos for 10 people costs less than $30. Since I was alone, I had to pay nearly $3.

Traveling to Rishikesh became cheaper in this way


If you are coming to Rishikesh directly from another country then its cost will be quite different, but if you are already in India and are planning to go to Rishikesh then it is very easy to go to Rishikesh from Delhi. Since I have resided in Delhi myself, I would like to tell you how I travelled from Delhi to Rishikesh to Delhi.

If you wish to travel by train, you must purchase a ticket to Haridwar, which would cost roughly $5-$10 for a chair car. However, you would need to take a bus or cab from Haridwar to Rishikesh.

If you reserve a bus ticket, you may have to pay $10-$15, but the advantage of going by bus is that the company will provide you with a micro bus that will not charge you any more to drop you off at Rishikesh. This was a fair deal. So, I took the bus instead of the train. While departing, I had reserved a zing-bus for 11 p.m.

The advantage of this bus was that after arriving at the by-pass early in the morning, the bus drivers also provided mini-bus service up to Tapovan Rishikesh. However, some buses let you off at the by-pass; from here, you must hire a shared car for $2 per person to reach Lakshman Jhula or Tapovan.

A big mistake happened unknowingly

I’m not sure what occurred to me when returning that I had hired a bla-bla cab. I’d never been in a bla-bla cab before. I got a Bla-Bla taxi for around $10. My journey’s charioteer was a man named Hitendra. But when the car came, I saw that, along with Hitendra, two other lads were also seated in it, and I realized that the cab booked through the bla-bla app was not truly a cab, but rather a common traveller’s car that I had rented. I was returning to Delhi with them which was a huge risk.

Travel expense – $100

Hostel Stay – Around $15 (for two nights and three days)

Affordable Food – Nearly $25

Drinks and Others (Depends on the preference) – $20/-

Photography and Rafting – $18/-

Miscellaneous – $20

Total- $98

Rest $2- Use this money to feed someone so that your journey ahead is auspicious.

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