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The story of the murder mystery thriller series Murder in Mahim, released on Jio Cinema, is taken from the 2017 novel of the same name. This novel was written by Jerry Pinto, who has been a journalist by profession. A major character in the series is also shown as a journalist, played by Ashutosh Rana.

Pinto is also known for writing the biopic of veteran Hindi cinema actress Helen: The Life and Times of an H-Bomb, which received the National Film Award. However, Murder in Mahim is a series of a completely different genre.

Crime-based content is very prevalent in the OTT space. Murder in Mahim, streaming on Jio Cinema, lengthens this list but does not leave any impact.

Spread over eight episodes, this is an average series, the biggest strength of which is the acting of the cast.

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What is the story of the series- Murder in Mahim

A dead body is found in the washroom of Mumbai’s busiest Mahim Junction station, with the name of the next victim written on its hand. All the people who are murdered are homosexuals. Inspector Shivajirao Jende (Vijay Raaz) gets the responsibility of investigating it. But, with the investigation, the series of murders also increases.

Ex-crime journalist Peter Fernandes (Ashutosh Rana) helps Shivajirao in this investigation. Peter suspects that his son Sunil is gay because he stands up for their rights.

The murder investigation is accompanied by Shivajirao’s personal story, based on his relationship with his father Dullar Jende (Shivaji Satam). The twist in the story comes when Peter’s son comes to the list of suspects.

How is the screenplay and the acting of the actors?

Jerry Pinto’s novel has been presented on screen by Mustafa Neemchawala and Uday Singh Pawar under the direction of Raj Acharya. The murder mystery story also talks about LGBTQ communities.

It comments on the discrimination faced by them and the mythical fear associated with them. This myth is so deeply ingrained in the society that even seemingly sensible people believe it to be true, due to which some people have to suffer the consequences.

The time period of the series is 2013, when homosexuality is considered a legal crime. In 2018, the Supreme Court took it out of the category of crime.

The writers have also focused on Mumbai life and friendship along with the LGBTQ issue in the story. A city where people of every income group live with their own desires and realities.

In order to cover a lot of things, the pace of the show has slowed down, which spoils the fun of watching a murder mystery.

However, in the realm of writing, Raj Acharya’s direction is measured and the cast of the series has given full support. Vijay Raj’s performance in the role of Inspector Zende is tremendous.

It is a coincidence that in a recent interview Manoj Bajpayee had said that Vijay Raaz is such an artiste in front of whom it is very difficult to act. Seeing Vijay in this series, Manoj’s point does not seem wrong.

Ashutosh Rana is also settled in his character. He has successfully shown the layers and tone of the character.

Shivani Raghuvanshi impresses in the role of Inspector Jende’s assistant Firdous Rabbani.  

Murder in Mahim can be seen in the acting of the actors, who save the series from being slaughtered.

However at the end, One who is interested in suspense thriller must watch this series but if you are looking for something new then you can skip this because there is nothing new which we already witnessed in other series.  


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